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We help merchandisers discover insights on how to maximize conversions on their products

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Analyze what visitors are browsing

Know precisely what products and categories your visitors are looking at, adding to cart and eventually abandoning

Plan better using data

Find out which products performs best with visitor segments and plan more effective campaigns

Take action with insights

Use actionable data to fix poorly performing merchandise or boost products with strong potential

Merchandiser Features
Built For Visual Planning

Built For Visual Planning

Majority of merchandising decisions are made away from the store's website, which can make it challenging to plan product combinations that are visually pleasing to shoppers.

Use our visual interface to build attractive assortments that have the potential to produce strong conversions for your website.

Discover what your shoppers like

Discover what your shoppers like

Want to know if the sequence of products you selected to show on your category pages are connecting with your customers?

Make use of our category and brand dashboards to see how many times shoppers visit, add items to carts or ultimately make purchases.

Data Driven Site Merchandising

Data Driven Site Merchandising

Take the guesswork out of figuring out what products to place on your high traffic pages.

Now you can get automated insights from our action center to see what products are statistically more likely to draw in customers and convert.

How it works for merchandisers
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Platforms Supported

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Plans & Pricing

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Perfect for online only retailers
$ 59 P/M
  • 30 day FREE trial
  • Up to 2 user accounts
  • Analyzes web store transactions
  • Integration Tech Support
  • Email Support


The power plan for the omni-channel retailer
$ 99 P/M
  • 30 day FREE trial
  • Up to 5 user accounts
  • Analyzes web store + POS transactions
  • Integration Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • API Access

Investing in the right tools can make all the difference

Don't let your promising products get lost in your catalog. The right tools can help make your job 10x easier and 100x more effective.

Drop us a note if you'd like to find out more about how Inncee could work for you or send in a request for a demo.

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