Inncee helps ecommerce retailers merchandise better with automated analytics

It was 3 years ago, while I was working in the data team in Microsoft that I had first thought about building a reporting platform that could be programmed to analyze data on it’s own and report back what it found.

Back then, it was meant to help answer some of the common business questions that our users had but who didn’t know how to “read” the raw reports.

A platform that could sift through raw data to look for patterns and inform users on key information it finds for them to act on. All this without requiring the users to know how to work the data.

Fast forward to today, and we have Inncee.

So what does Inncee do?

The Inncee insights dashboard

Inncee is a merchandising analytics tool built for e-commerce teams. What it does is that it helps e-commerce businesses ensure that a large majority of their products are constantly engaging visitors and maximizing their chances of turning a visit into a profitable checkout.

Once installed, Inncee collects information on the products, categories and brands visitors are viewing, adding to cart and purchasing. It then organizes and reports the information it finds into various dashboards like most regular analytics tools.

After that, Inncee is programmed to monitor and analyze key metrics that have an impact on the store’s conversion rate and average order values. And if it spots any changes, it reports to the user what it finds.

The Candle Store Example

The Candle Store finds that it’s conversion rate and sales this month has gone up, but yet it seeing less visitors on it’s site compared to past months. Why?

What Inncee found for The Candle Store


What Inncee found was that even though there were less visitors and visitor engagements on the site for this month, The Candle Store’s increased revenue and conversions had been due to more abandoned carts being recovered!

If Candle Store wanted to further increase it’s revenue, it was going to need to improve the visitor engagements on its site. Based on the first insight Inncee published, only 19% of all the pageviews Candle Store received on it’s site were for it’s product pages. Which means that 71% of the time, people weren’t engaging with any products.

And a deeper look into the insight showed that all the visitors who made a purchase on the site viewed at least 1 product page.

What other insights can Inncee provide?

Inncee analyzes and monitors metrics that around a few key areas of the site.

Visitor Engagement

  • Monitors and tracks the % of visitors that are viewing product pages.
  • Monitors and tracks the % of visitors that are adding items to their cart
  • Tracks the abandoned cart rate

Product Optimization

  • Rising Star Products — Products that have shown to have high conversion rates but low exposure.
  • Slow Moving Products — Products with inventory but have had no sales for more than 2 months.
  • High Interest Products — Products that receive high page views, but not necessarily the highest sales.
  • Zombie Products — Products with low page views and low sales that occupy highly visible positions in category pages.

Category Optimization

  • High Earner Categories — Category pages with the highest conversion rates.
  • Rising Star Categories — Categories that have high conversion rates but low exposure.
  • Poor Performing Categories — Categories that receive high traffic but poor conversions.

A chance to have a virtual analyst helping you understand your store’s data

Inncee is the perfect alternative for you if you’re tired of having to pore over your Google Analytics dashboard or look through rows and rows of sales and product data in Excel spreadsheets.

For the first time, you’ll be able to access the types of insights and knowledge that only successful e-commerce businesses with experienced analysts are able to get.

How do I sign up?


Inncee works out of the box with Shopify websites. You can register for an account at beta.inncee.com. Once you sign up, you’ll be directed to install the Inncee app in your Shopify account.

In order for us to track visitor behavior, you’ll be asked to embed a script tracker in your theme files. So in order to make the signup process seamless for you, it is recommended to do it on the desktop.


We’ll be releasing a Woocommerce plugin for Inncee very shortly.

So Woocommerce users who are keen to use Inncee can subscribe to our newsletter at inncee.com or sign up for an account with beta.inncee.com and indicate that you’re using the Woocommerce platform. Once the plugin is ready, we’ll be sending you installation instructions.

Custom platforms

And if you’re running a custom built e-commerce platform, no problem. Inncee has an API that you can use to send backend data to as well. And we will assign our in house engineer to assist with every custom integration.

If you’d like to find out more about integrating Inncee with your custom platform, please drop us a note via Contact Us or start a chat with us at inncee.com

The Future Of Inncee

Honestly, Inncee truly is a labor of love for my team and I. We’ve worked hard to bring to reality a platform that I hope will be able to benefit businesses who wish to make sense of their data but don’t know how.

Inncee isn’t perfect, but it can be improved upon with time and critical feedback from you, our users.