Merchandising 101: How to cross-sell like a pro for your online store

Last week, we kicked off our new blog series called Merchandising 101s. It’s intended to be a series where we will talk about the different basic techniques big companies use to try and get shoppers to spend more on their online stores. In our first article for the series we gave an overview on the differences between cross-selling, up-selling and down-selling and when to use it.

Most of you seem to like it, so we’re back today to dive deeper into cross-selling and how you can use this technique like a pro for your online store. Continue reading →

Merchandising 101: What is cross-sell, up-sell and down-sell and how to use it?

When you’re researching on common tactics used for improving online merchandising, product recommendations is definitely one of the methods you would come across. It’s a way for you to subtly influence a customer to buy more than what they originally intended to by recommending them other great items to include in their purchase as well.

However, many retailers who are new to the merchandising game may not realize that there are different categories of product recommendations out there and each category has a very different motivation behind it. Understanding the motivations of each type and learning when and how to deploy it correctly can make a big difference in the conversions on your store. Continue reading →