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Use your product data to learn how to connect with your customers and increase their orders

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Increase Engagement

Let our analytics help pick the right products to promote to your customers and keep them returning to see more.

Boost Sales

Find out which products are under promoted or swap out those that are performing poorly and increase your sales.

Work Faster

Let our platform alert you to pivotal moments so you can adjust any poor product strategies before they cost you more sales.

Track And Analyze Products Easily

Track And Analyze Products Easily

Get an in depth view on how well your each of your products and its variants are performing in your store.

Track their sales, visitors and inventory levels as well as which variants are more popular and where the revenue sources are coming from.

Monitor Categories and Brands

Monitor Categories and Brands

Track how your customers are discovering and engaging with your products through the categories and brand pages they visit and purchase from.

Measure your category pages conversion potential, how much revenue it drives, and where it's traffic is coming from.

Discover Product Segments With Revenue Potential

Discover Product Segments With Revenue Potential

Get access to our Action Center which analyzes your products and shoppers' actions and provides insights that reveals segments of products showing strong potential for more sales, categories with growing popularity and much more.

Take actions on these insights to help drive up your overall sales conversion.

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97% of website visits don't end in a purchase

Certain things need to click in order for a visitor to make a purchase.

Merchandising helps to make sure that your customers are seeing the products that they want to buy. Try our platform today and see what's clicking with your customers.

63% of retail leaders are already doing it!

Over 63% of retail leaders are already using analytics and data to make merchandising decisions and it has led to increased sales performance.

Time for you to start making intelligent decisions as well through data, so join them today by signing up for Inncee!

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Perfect for online only retailers
$ 88 P/M
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  • Analyzes web store transactions
  • Integration Tech Support
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The power plan for the omni-channel retailer
$ 188 P/M
  • 30 day FREE trial
  • Up to 2 user accounts
  • Analyzes web store + POS transactions
  • Integration Tech Support
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